Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Information That I Share Online Secure?2021-02-26T18:22:19+00:00

YES. Your information is secured using highly encrypted technology that removes threats of your information being obtained or shared by anyone not authorized by you. We maintain a current registration and our certificate is posted on our site.

Do you require collateral?2021-02-26T18:21:49+00:00

No, we do not require any collateral.

What If I Have No Credit History or a Bad Credit Bureau File?2021-02-26T18:21:16+00:00

Your employment/income is your credit with us. We do check various 3rd party loan reports to verify outstanding loans and repayment history.

What Is the Master Line of Credit Agreement?2021-02-26T18:21:02+00:00

It is the Agreement with all the terms and conditions of Line of Credit or Loan. It enables, you as the customer, to be fully aware of all fees and terms associated with your loan. Included within is the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Agreement authorizing us to send funds to your account and authorizing your bank to send repayment of the loan plus fee in the form of EFT/ACH debts. It also includes the Federal Disclosure Requirements as required by law.

How Do I Receive the Money and How Do I Pay?2021-02-26T18:20:46+00:00

Your acceptance, of our Master Line of Credit Agreement terms and conditions, provides pre-authorization for us to electronically send and receive funds of approved amounts. We transfer your funds and payments by Federally regulated EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), also known as ACH (Automated Clearing House), into your account and obtain payments from your account on scheduled repayment dates. Other payment options are available upon request.

What Are The Requirements For Approval?2021-02-26T18:20:15+00:00
  1. Full time employment or have other documented monthly income.
  2. Minimum net income of $1500 (after taxes and deductions) salary per month.
  3. Have an active checking or savings account in good standing and open for a minimum of 2 months.
  4. Be at least 18 years of age.
  5. Subject to underwriter approval.
How Long Does It Take To Get the Available Funds?2021-03-10T18:35:16+00:00

Upon approval and signed loan agreement, you may immediately request funds up to your approved loan limit. We will send your funds via ACH to arrive at your account, in most cases, the next business day.

How Much Can I Qualify For?2021-02-26T18:19:43+00:00

In determining the approval amount for your Line of Credit or Loan, we take into consideration your monthly net income,(we WILL NOT advance more than you can afford to repay), length of employment at your current job, and your current monthly debt to income including: car payments, housing expense, and reoccurring monthly bills). We will set a loan limit based on your disposable income after all expenses have been deducted.

Your credit draws on your Line of Credit may be limited until your first transaction payments are successful.

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